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                       We all need a space to learn and grow.


The Growing Space is a speech language and feeding therapy center created for children and families who are committed to working hard to overcome their personal obstacles, and to celebrating BIG when both large and mini milestones are achieved. I welcome children of all ages, shapes, and sizes to work on skills that are challenging for them in a safe, natural, caring, and playful environment. With support from their parents, families, therapists, teachers, and peers, children can grow above and beyond our expectations.  


Assessment and treatment aimed specifically at developing a child's pragmatic language and social communication skills - as these skills are not intuitive to everyone.


In INDIVIDUAL and GROUP therapy sessions, specific social vocabulary and age-appropriate skills are taught through focused lessons, play-based tasks, and functional, naturalistic role play. 


Parent/caregiver education and training is a critical componenent of the treatment program. Children have more success when both you and your family help carryover of the skills that are taught and reinforced each session. 


Parent/caregiver training sessions and workshops as well as onsite school consultation services are also available.

Speech & Language Assessment & Therapy
Assessment and treatment of speech language delays or disorders. These include difficulties with:
- early cognitive communication development
- play development
- articulation
- phonology
- fluency
- resonance or voice
- language expression and formulation
- language processsing
- language comprehension
- problem solving and abstract reasoning
- executive funcitoning
Therapy is individualized to meet your child's unique learning style and capitalize on his/her strengths to support growth and development of his/her weaknesses. 
Feeding & Swallowing Assessment & Therapy

Assessment and treatment of oral feeding and swallowing disorders. These include difficulties with:


- drooling

- biting and chewing

- swallowing

- picky eating

- oral aversion

- diet advancement

- overall mealtime behaviors


Click             for common RED FLAGS of feeding/swallowing disorders.


I work with children and their families to support the development of their skills in private therapy settings as well as home/community environments, as needed.


Various strategies and techniques are utilized to encourage not only safety and efficiency, but pleasure, too. 

Social Communication & Pragmatic Therapy
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