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Our 6-year old has had a total of four wonderful Speech & Language Therapists. Alex was his first, and though she hasn’t worked with him for a number of years, Luke still refers to her as “His Alex”. I still refer to her as his Angel on Earth. Alex established a nurturing, supportive relationship that enabled him to tolerate his frustration, develop the confidence to take risks and work hard to reach his potential. Her expertise in the field and her willingness to advocate for him are the reason he continues to thrive.  Our deep gratitude and love for her is immeasurable.

          - Carmela S. (mother of former client)


Kai, our 4 year old, recently "graduated" from speech therapy with Alex. In the last year I've witnessed an incredible transformation in Kai, not just in terms of speech, but also personality and confidence. When I first took Kai to see Alex, he had difficulty with basic sounds, he had trouble communicating with his teachers and other children, he was nervous with new people, and could barely sit still. What a difference a year makes! He has actual conversations with me, he engages with people and he expresses himself confidently. It is an absolute joy to see.
     Alex established a rapport with Kai almost immediately and I could tell he felt comfortable with her from the moment he walked into her office. She patiently worked with him, always keeping things positive and keeping him engaged, and Kai was always excited to see her. It's been a few weeks since graduation and Kai tells me he misses "Dr. Alex"--that's how much of an impact she's had on him. We are grateful to Alex for all the work she has done with Kai and also for her flexibility in working with my schedule. I would recommend Alex without hesitation to anyone looking for a speech therapist.

          - Faizel D. (father of recent “speech grad”)


I had the distinct pleasure of working with Alex for numerous years at the University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital. She is a compassionate and highly-skilled speech language pathologist that continually assesses and treats the whole child, rather than just focusing on one aspect of communication or feeding. She develops amazing rapport with children and is extremely dedicated to family-centered care in order to develop the most appopriate goals for the child. She is a highly committed and passionate speech language pathologist, and it is without hesitation that I would recommend Alex's services!

          - Shannon M. Theis, PhD, CCC-SLP (mentor and colleague)

             University of Wisconsin - Department of Pediatrics


My grandson has language and learning difficulties, and does not easily socialize or communicate with others. Alex was able to connect with him in a way that is challenging for most others. She supported his ability to express his ideas, engage in simple conversations, and solve everyday problems in a fun and age-appropriate way. While their time together was brief, I saw positive changes in both Tucker's skills and attitude. Her relocating to another part of the country is a great loss for Tucker. I highly recommend Alex – her ability to reach Tucker was amazing.

          - Elisabeth R. (grandmother of former client)


Alex has the wonderful combination of expertise and compassion that makes her an amazing speech-language pathologist.  She has the natural ability to see the “whole child” and provide treatment that is meaningful, family-centered and functional, all while using the most current evidenced-based techniques.  I am honored to have been her colleague and I would bring my own child to her for therapy in a heartbeat!

          - Rebecca Politis, MS, CCC-SLP (colleague)


Due to a car accident, I suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI for short). The TBI made me lose all of my previous abilities, such as, talking, walking, short-term memory, and even breathing. I had a trach connected to my neck to help my vocal cords to do their job, a g-tube connected to my stomach to transfer food and medicine, and needed to use a wheelchair for quite some time until my legs could get me around. I lived in the hospital for many months to get care at any time I needed it. Alex, as well as my OT and PT worked with me every weekday (and even Sunday’s of speech therapy for a few months). Alex helped me to gain back my memory and vocabulary, use my voice to communicate, and gain back my swallowing skills (easier said than done).

      Through the good days and the bad days, Alex did not give up, and when I had my communication skills back, I found that I could trust her enough to talk about personal things with as well as do work. By the time I left the hospital, I was able to eat a regular diet (including thin liquids, which I was so excited about [ice-cream!]) as well as talk, read, write, remember, and walk (with some support). Now, almost three years later, I'm taking college courses with a focus on writing! I’ve definitely come a long way with the help and support of Alex. 

     At the time of the accident, I was a normal sixteen-years-old girl. Although I did do the work frequently, there were times I was just too tired or had my mind on other things. For example, prior to the accident, I put on eyeliner every morning, and in the hospital I didn’t want my life to be that much different. Alex—my first therapist of the day—understood that, and would help me put on eyeliner since I was still shaky with my hands. Also, since the start of high school, every year for my favorite singer Lady Gaga’s birthday, I would bake something as a celebration. That year for Gaga’s birthday, I was in the hospital and was upset I would be unable to bake anything. It was such a let down, but after telling Alex about my dilemma, she volunteered to help me make cupcakes, so my yearly habit stayed in tact.

     Alex may have been a speech therapist, but she was also a very trustworthy friend of mine, and I’m very glad she was able to help me overcome my obstacles so I could heal and continue living the life I wanted to live.

          - Celia S. (former patient)

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